What you need

Ok, so you got your stream provider, you will need your end a way of connecting to the stream account.

This is called an encoder. This will encode your audio to the stream provider, these can be paid for, part of a radio automation software or free.

I have tried:

Sam broadcaster – you get the encoders with the automation software, which plays your music and jingle ETC.

BUTT – Is FREE and will easily handle your audio input either from a mixer, or player.

Simplecast – This is part of Sam, but can be purchased as a lone encoder, its very good but expensive.

Winamp – Yes, thats right winamp, the player. With an easy plugin download you can use winamp as an encoder, I use this as its great audio is good, encoder works well, its worth a try and its FREE.

Broadcaster – Is  FREE but only to use as one stream where as winamp will handle up to about 5 streams so 5 stations could take your audio. If you buy the software think its about £30 one off, but if you loose the key like I did then you need to buy another. But it was good and did the job very well.