Stream Providers

As mentioned before here are some stream providers I have used:

Now, you can broadcast LIVE on any of these streams, but don’t let you control your presenters.

IE: if your presenter is on live then they have to physically stop the encoder, if they don’t then the next presenter cannot connect to go live.

But the choice is yours.


UK based stream provider, they offer a free account too. if you want to stream music or broadcast live you can.

As soon as you make a successful payment, your SHOUTcast, Icecast or Cast server will be activated immediately. No questions. Everything you need will be emailed to you automatically!

  • Centova Cast or Control
  • AutoDJ with a lot of disk space
  • Reliable Servers
  • Free & modern HTML5 player
  • Handy extras like #NowPlaying and TuneIn AIR

They are ok but i find you have little control over your station. If you are broadcasting LIVE its good.



Now these guys I would highly recommend if you want easy:

  • Scheduling
  • Presenter Control
  • Music uploads
  • playlist creations

Pricing starts at £23 per month for that you get:

Includes 2GB Disk Space, 500 concurrent Listeners, 1TB Monthly Bandwidth, and 2 DJs

might not sound enough but you get a 7 day free trial and once your happy you can upgrade and downgrade at anytime, other plans are: