Make a start

So, to make a start.

  • decide the name of your station
  • very important, is it a personal station or a community station? The name sticks
  • How do your listeners hear your station?
  • Please make this as easy as you can, if the listener needs to click this and that then its no use and they will leave.
  • Stream Provider
  • Are you just playing music? or will you have presenters?  will they be LIVE? do you want full control of them? some stream providers don’t give you full control. I will explain later.
  • Website
  • Plenty of ways you can do a website, make sure that they can handle coding for you player, and a layout and design you happy with.
  • Licence
  • If your playing copyrighted music then you need a licence in the UK, even if you only play to a few people you STILL need a licence. if you are a talk station then you don’t need one. Please check your country’s laws on online radio