Licence UK

Now, if you play copyrighted music and your station is based in the UK then you need to pay a licence to do so.

The two main licences you will need are:


PPL – They have a licence called Small Webcaster Licence, The service must have revenues of less than £5,000 a year and no more than 270,000 performances* each year. current cost is £231 (plus VAT) for the 2020 calendar year.

You will also need:

PRS – Limited Online Music Licence. The Limited Online Music Licence is an annual blanket licence. If you’re only using music for a set number of months, you can choose to be charged pro-rata for these months, subject to a minimum fee of £73 + VAT. Use the guide below to see which is the right licence band for you. You’ll need to pay a licence fee for each type of activity.


If you use copyrighted music for productions, like jinglesm adverts then you also need

Sync licensing

If you need to use a specific musical work which has been commercially released for retail sale in a production or product, you must first attain approval from the rights holders and agree a fee. You can use our track clearing service to obtain the correct licence with the necessary permissions.

MCPS hold the mandate to license specific musical works for use in productions and products on behalf of many of our Music Publisher, Songwriter, and Composer members. Where we don’t hold the mandate, we will put you in touch with the relevant people who can license it to you direct.

You can apply to license a specific musical work in:

  • Premiums / promotional products
  • Multimedia products
  • TV/radio ads
  • Novelty products
  • Online Productions

Rates and costs

All rates are negotiated on a case by case basis