My name is Alex Kerr my first LIVE online radio show was with another station based in essex. the year was 1998.

Good old dial up, and by god it was slow but the show went out fine. I have been interested in radio since i was 10 years old. I built my own studio at 11 years old and used it to start a local talking newspaper for the blind, back in 1982 today its still going strong.

Now with the technology growing Broadband was born, and this helped launch even more online radio stations in the UK.

I have learned, mostly by trial and error but gained a load of experience in the online radio world.

So, if your thinking of starting an online station here in the UK then this is the things you will need to know, the choices are up to you.

I will give you my honest  opinions  on each provider, but please be aware i get Nothing from any company or provider. I do this ti share my experience and help others to achieve their online radio goals.

Internet Radio:


Now, you have the stats, lets get started with we can offer. If your looking for a way to launch an online radio station here in the UK then you have come to the right place